Frnds,keep your eyes on following stocks which can be multibagger for you..just buy and hold for huge gains. 1.V GUARD=>buy and hold Vguard at 421 for tgts of 450,470,500++ ,remember frnds last year i recomneded this stock at 180 for delivery and you can see whithin one year it hit 450 from 180...it is huge,huge ,huge return... 2.JK CEMENT=>Buy and hold JKCEMENT at cmp for tgts of 250,270,300++ i regular recomnde Jkcement from 136 and now it has already made 52week high of 244..bun now again come down to a comfirt leval of accumulation,just buy and hold.. 3.SHASHUN PHARMA=>Buy this stock at 140 today for tgts of 160,170+ already i recomnded it at 103 and made high of 150...now it is trading arround 140-141...

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