Negative close in USA marketss over worry of growth factors leading negative opening in ASIAN Markets. With hint of Global markets, our markets may also open negative and NIFTY may open around 5650kind of levels. As 2 days left in expiry 5600 is important level and it may work as good support for Intraday. Even if NIFTY breaks 5600 then 5575 should work as major support and panic comes below this level only. We don't expect 5575 to break in remaining couple of days of expiry. We expectedit on Monday that We hardly see expiry above 5750 and now 5700 call writing in Option segment making it resistance. Still until 5575 is safe, one can Buy on dips and panic will start below 5575. Now lets check FII data for previous day (25 Sept) session. Note: FII data given in Rs./Crore. FII NET F&O: -528.96 Cr FII INDEX FUT: -644.96 Cr FII STOCK FUT: -610.32 Cr FII INDEX OPT: -658.74 Cr FII STOCK OPT: +95.13 Cr FII CASH: +5845.58 Cr DII CASH: -1374.11 Cr In this data, FII again continue selling in INDEX FUT& STOCK FUT. This selling is continue from last couple of sessions and we always saidits bit sign of worry while we take CASH Buying as part of hedge. As Cash Buying numbers are big so we can be assure that we may not have major selling still continous selling in INDEX & STOCK FUTURE is a concern and small traders should keep close eye on it. Overall, we expect markets range bound and if remember, we mention it on Monday that 5575-5750 can be broader range for remaining days of series andwe still expect the same.

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