By using a fake text generator, you can generate iOS messages, type your text and choose the mode of the message (sent or received). The text generator for iPhone is designed to create memes similar to those on Facebook, 9GAG and Reddit. You can also screenshot your conversation and share on social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and many more.

Using the iPhone text generator, you can create chat between two fictional or imaginary characters. You can save the work and use it for future purposes. This generator can be used for pulling text message pranks, fun, jokes, and whatever else you want.

Now you can prank your friends by using the fake text generator because it supports uploaded photos too. You can also trick your friends by making them believe that you just received the message of their dreams. If you forgot to send an important SMS to someone or want someone to think that you sent them a message, you can use this app and show them that you sent the SMS but it failed to deliver. So you can use the app to blame your phone. The Fake iPhone Text Generator now supports both iOS7 and iOS8.

Some people still use the first text generator for iPhone. These old iPhone messages are seen everywhere and now they appear boring. The upgraded generator to make fake iPhone text messages is new and better.

You can use the following pranks and tricks using this fake text message generator online :

For Inbox: Fake SMS received

For Sent folder: Fake SMS sent to anyone successfully

For Draft folder: Fake SMS saved as draft

For Outbox: Fake SMS sent to anyone

Failed: Fake SMS that you failed to send

See below screenshot which was created by this Fake iPhone Text Generator app.

fake iPhone text generator app

The fake text generator app has four options for you to fill in. The first one is ‘TYPE’. You have to select the type of iOS here, whether you have iOS7 or iOS8. Then there is the ‘SETTINGS’ tab. This tab allows you to enter the name, operator, time, messages, contact, text message and send. The ‘BATTERY’ tab shows the percentage of battery. The ‘CONNECTION’ tab allows you to select Wi-Fi option, 3G, 4G, or LTE. In the end, there is the ‘MESSAGE’ tab where you can select the color (green or blue) of the text message. You can also upload an image and position it through this tab. So get ready to prank and trick your friends using the fake text generator.

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