Facebook-owned Messaging App WhatsApp was down in many countries including India.

Users in countries from Singapore to Vietnam, Brazil to Myanmar reported that WhatsApp was down in their countries too.
users were unable to send and receive messages during the outage. according to downdetcor.com 46% users complained of the problems with the connection while 41% users reported issues with sending and receiving messages and many users also reported that they had problems with "Last Seen " feature.

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although WhatsApp has not released any official statement on this worldwide outage.
This is not the first time when this most popular chat App has stopped working, same problems of outage occurred in early September and in May WhatsApp was down for a few hours in many parts of the world including Malaysia, Spain, Germany and other Europian countries.

WhatsApp is most popular messaging app which is used by over a billion users all over the world.
meanwhile other social media sites like Twitter and Facebook were flooded with jokes about outage of WhatsApp and hastag #whatsappdown was trending on top in India.and still it is trending on top.

Here is how Twitter users  reacting to #WhatsAppdown

Indian Author Chetan bhagat posted :
 Standup Comedian Anshu Mor writes.

 Few more Jokes:
Manyak writes

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